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JSI Scientific is Providing Solutions for the Separation Sciences!

JSi Scientific, Inc. : Chromatography Essentials, Syringe Filters, Autosampler Vials & Liquid Handling Consumables. Pipetting Products, Centrifuge Tubes and a variety of Deep Well Plates and Plate Sealing Products. If you need help finding a product, click on our "Live Chat" feature on the left side of the screen with the category menu. Representatives are available online or by phone.

JSi Scientific is an approved vendor for:

Abbott Laboratories          Genentech          Henkel Corporation

Johnson & Johnson          Merck Sharp & Dohme

Solvay Pharmaceutical     Pfizer                  Bristol-Myers Squibb

Sanofi-Aventis                 Eli Lilly                 Bayer Healthcare

My Block Mini Drybath R.A.V.™ Robotic Autosampler Vial Convenience Packs
Clear w/grad. ID 1000/cs
Our Price: $300.00
Our Price: $610.00
A personal sized drybath for Chromatography Vials Pk/100
Cap Color: Blue
Septa: Pre-Slit Silicone/PTFE
Xcel Standard Syringe Filters Deuterium Lamp
Our Price: $185.00
Our Price: $450.00
Xcel HPLC Syringe Filters Agilent Technologies® Source Lamp
Membrane: Nylon
Diameter: 25mm
Pore Size: 0.45­µm

For use with Model:

Today's Super Deal!

Xcel Plus Syringe Filter PVDF

Our Price: $192.00

Top Sellers

R.A.V. 9-425 Amber Glass Screw Thread Vials
Our Price: $245.00
R.A.V.™ Robotic Autosampler Vial Assembled Kits
Clear w/grad. ID
Our Price: $365.00
NEW! Bonded Caps w/Septa for 9-425 Thread Vials
Our Price: $265.00
R.A.V.™ Screw Thread Caps w/Septa for 9-425 Thread Vials
Our Price: $269.00
Xcel Plus Syringe Filters Polyethersulfone
Our Price: $172.00

New Products

Limited Volume Vial for Shimadzu
Our Price: $245.00
Dissolution Vessel
Our Price: $182.00
Screw Top Headspace Vial
Our Price: $520.00
Screw Top Headspace Vial
Our Price: $401.00